Buyers Guide to the Towel Warmer (Radiator) 2019

Towel radiators electric: The three most important points to

The electric towel radiators offer a high benefit and low cost if they are used only when needed. The radiators are quick and easy to assemble, so that even self-assembly is very easy. These radiators only require a socket for operation. The acquisition costs of the radiators are low and there are no further maintenance costs.

Electric towel rail radiators

An electric towel radiator offers advantages when the bathroom to be heated is small and the radiator is only used when needed. For continuous operation, this radiator causes enormous electricity costs, which would no longer make it effective. If the towels are only used for a short time, they are preheated or dried well, resulting in an effective and selective heating output in the room. With low acquisition costs, no maintenance costs and a simple actual installation, this radiator offers easy handling.

What is an electric towel radiator?

An electric towel radiator heats up the bathroom selectively. The design of the electric towel radiator makes it very easy to hang towels between the struts. Wet towels can be hung here to dry. An electric towel radiator is also suitable for heating towels. The radiator is extremely space-saving and offers a very easy installation. The radiator only needs a socket for operation. The modern radiators are available in various colours and sizes, so that the right radiator is available for every interior and every taste.

Advantages of an electric towel radiator

Towel radiators that are electrically operated are available in various shapes. This means that the right radiator can be selected for every requirement. Either the electric towel radiators are characterised by a rung shape, or they have a surface radiator design with a towel rail. The bar shape always offers the possibility of hanging up several towels at the same time.

An electric towel radiator can be used all year round. It can be operated separately from all other heating systems because it is only powered by electricity. In addition, electric radiators are available for the bathroom, which can also be connected to a water-operated central heating system and at the same time also enable electric operation. These radiators offer even more flexibility in use. Especially in the transitional seasons, when the actual heating system is still in summer operation, this radiator can offer considerable advantages to electric companies, because it can be used according to demand and thus cost-effectively.

Disadvantages of an electric towel rail radiator

Electric towel radiators are not recommended for continuous operation or for larger bathrooms. They consume comparatively too much energy for such types of use. A central heating system is more preferable for such businesses.

How does an electric towel radiator work?

An electric towel radiator heats the surface and does not heat the ambient air. For this purpose, current flows through a conductor which heats up. The heat is emitted via a ceramic. The electric towel radiator is a direct heating system that converts electricity directly into heat. The heat is not stored.

What to consider when using an electric towel radiator?

The size of the room should be taken into account for efficient heating in the bathroom to suit the needs. If the radiator is too large, unnecessary additional costs may arise during operation. And if the electric towel radiator is too small, the room will not warm up and the towels will only dry slowly or warm up slowly. Furthermore, the location of the bathroom should be taken into account. Bathrooms inside the building require less heating power than outside bathrooms with larger exterior walls. Bathroom insulation also plays an important role here. The better the bathroom is insulated to the outside, the lower the energy costs caused by heating.

How to connect an electric towel rail heater?

The electric towel radiator is often mounted on the wall. However, there are also radiators available that can be placed freely in the room and that are also intended to act as room dividers. They are mounted on one side of the wall. To connect the radiator to a medium, only a socket is required.

Cost of an electric towel radiator

The electric towel radiator offers all the advantages for on-demand operation. After all, the radiators are already available for low initial costs and there are no maintenance costs during operation. No bathroom can be heated more cheaply if the demand is low.

What does an electric towel radiator cost?

Numerous models of electric towel radiators are available. Regardless of the design, colour and shape, the price ranges are primarily determined by the overall size of the radiator. Average radiator sizes in electric operation are already offered for around 100 euros.

What does an electric towel radiator consume?

The consumption of an electric towel radiator is measured by the wattage. This allows the individual consumption of the radiator to be calculated with the wattage and the operating time. If, for example, the radiator is only heated for a total of four months in the transitional seasons and the heating output is 1000 watts, then a heating duration of four hours per day and an electricity price of 0.29 cents per kilowatt hour results in a consumption of 139 euros in heating costs.

Where to buy an electric towel radiator?

The electric towel radiators are offered both in the specialized trade, and in home improvement stores, at discounters in the offer or on-line. Who is already exactly informed, which radiator he would like to buy exactly, can look over the Internet easily for the best offer of this model and save money.

Electric towel rail radiator: Bauhaus, Hornbach, Obi

DIY stores offer electric towel radiators from different manufacturers in different designs. The prices are average. The advantage of buying from a DIY store is that the radiators are usually available in large quantities.

Electric towel rail radiator: Aldi

Anyone who buys a bargain when choosing a radiator can make a lucrative purchase at discounters such as Aldi. However, the radiator in question must also be on offer. Aldi does not offer storage.

Electric towel radiator: Amazon

If the radiator is to be purchased online, Amazon offers a rich and very clear range of radiators. And in terms of price, the offers are usually the cheapest. Depending on the order history, there are often no or only low shipping costs. Amazon offers a delivery period of 24 hours for many products.

Where best?

If you want to experience a good price-performance ratio when buying radiators, you can always make targeted purchases from Amazon and always at a favourable price compared to other suppliers. It is due to Amazon’s wide range of products that a good purchase is always possible. The radiator is delivered quickly and easily to the front door. A purchase is hardly easier.


Those who only want to heat their small bathroom once in a while and only selectively will find a perfect product in the electric towel radiator, which is already available for around 100 euros. The radiator is usually fixed to the wall and is only connected to a socket for commissioning. A radiator cannot be connected more simply and quickly. The electric radiator in the bathroom is very practical because several towels can usually be hung up. Here they are preheated or dried. The radiators are available in different sizes, colours and shapes, so that there is something to suit every need and taste. Amazon offers a very large selection of available radiators. With premium delivery options and quick availability, the new radiator is delivered straight to your door. When purchasing, the correct size of radiator should be selected based on room size and location. When choosing the design, personal taste or practicality is decisive. At least these radiators are always an eye-catcher in every bathroom, without taking up much space.

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