Buyers Guide to the Patio Heater [Reviews 2019]

Three main points

The patio heater is actually a protected brand operates with gas and may only be used outdoors

What is a patio heater?

patio heater
patio heater

The heating patio belongs to the radiant heaters and is a gas-powered device for heating external surfaces. It belongs to the high-temperature radiators and the heating energy is generated at the radiating component and radiated from there at a high temperature. With the heating patio, the heat can also be emitted over longer distances. In Germany, the brand name Heizpilz is protected. In Austria it is called Heizschwammerl.

Due to the high carbon dioxide emissions of the devices in recent years, more and more municipalities and cities have come out in favour of a ban. This prohibition applies however exclusively to commercially used surfaces. There is no ban for private use.

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What types of patio heater are there?

The following types of patio heater are available on the market:

  • Table-top units
  • Stand devices
  • Mobile devices

How does a patio heater work?

An energy source heats a heating wire, which in turn gives off the heat to the room air. When gas is used as an energy source, the gas burns and intense heat is generated, which radiates the heat into the environment through the radiation component on the umbrella heater. There it mainly heats surfaces and objects. The radiant heat is generally perceived as more pleasant. With electrically operated patio heater, only warm air is released into the environment via the heating rod and warms it up.

What are the advantages of a patio heater?

The patio heater is the ideal heating solution to provide pleasant warmth outdoors. It offers numerous advantages for the user, among others:

  • High heat output: Especially with gas-operated patio heater, the combustion of gas produces a high heat output, which is also emitted as radiant heat over long distances. This makes the patio heater ideal for commercial applications, such as outdoor gastronomy.
  • Welly heat is emitted by the radiant heater. A high temperature is created around the heating core, which is absorbed by the radiant housing and, in addition to the heat dissipation into the air, escapes as radiant heat. It ensures that surfaces in the vicinity warm up and gives users a pleasant feeling of warmth. The heat can be sensibly directed in one direction via a swivelling screen. This means it arrives exactly where it is needed. This also saves heating costs in the end.
  • A step control ensures flexibility and lowers energy costs. This allows each user to individually set his optimum temperature and the environment is not polluted with unnecessary exhaust gases, especially with gas-operated umbrella heater.
  • Most devices have an adjustable height and so the patio heater can be individually adapted to the needs on site and its use. Especially with patio heaters over 2 meters high, this function also helps during transport.
  • The heating power of the patio heater is very effective and the heat emitted by the heater provides a pleasant feeling of well-being for the users.
  • Almost all patio heaters are extremely low-maintenance, easy to assemble and easy to operate.

What disadvantages does a umbrella heater have?

Like all gas-powered radiant heaters, the patio heater has a major disadvantage, which is primarily due to the high fire hazard posed by the appliances. Since the gas-fired radiant heater develops a very high temperature, objects in the immediate vicinity can easily heat up and catch fire. Therefore, when using the patio heater, it is essential that the minimum distance is maintained and that the radiant heater is never operated without supervision. Of course it must also not be covered.

The exhaust gases, which develop during the combustion process of gas, are unfortunately a large disadvantage of the patio heater and in the quantity not to be neglected. Since the exhaust gas also affects our health and our environment, attention should be paid to the intended use and the sensible consumption of energy.

Costs of a umbrella heater

How to clean a patio heater?

In order for the patio heater to last as long as possible, it must be cleaned regularly. Operation outdoors naturally deposits dust, dirt and insects on the housing and the components. Not only does this look unattractive, it can also impair functionality. Even nicotine can cause

Deposits form which can easily be removed with warm water and a damp cloth. However, too much water should be avoided, the patio heater does not like that, because the technical components do not tolerate water. A microfibre cloth can also be used for cleaning. Also high-grade steel polish and soap lye can be used. For the screws it is recommended to apply a reliable rust protection regularly.

Which gas is needed for the patio heater?

Only propane gas, a colourless and odourless gas ideal for cold winter temperatures, is suitable for operating the umbrella heater. It is a liquid gas that is a by-product of petroleum production. Propane is particularly well suited for heating as it has a calorific value of over 28kWh per cubic metre and is therefore higher than natural gas.

The calorific value is also above average at 12.8 per kg. The price for the heating gas, however, is always based on the price of heating oil. The gas cylinders are available in aluminium or steel, whereby those made of aluminium are around 50% lighter than those made of steel.

If the outside temperature is not too low, butane gas can also be used. Mixtures of both liquid gases are also available. If, however, the patio heater is used exclusively at cold outside temperatures, then only propane comes into question here.

What does a patio heater consume?

The average gas consumption of a patio heater is approx. 1.50 € per hour. A bottle of propane gas costs between 16 and 19 euros and, depending on the model and manufacturer, is sufficient for about 12 hours if the patio heater is fully turned on. With normal outside temperatures in the winter the consumption can be throttled however, by not setting the patio heater on full achievement. Thus one reaches average gas costs per hour of approx. 0.75 ? and that is, the bottle propane gas is enough for approx. 18 hours heating enterprise.

Also with electrically operated patio heaters result naturally subsequent costs for the consumption. If one purchases a device, which has 1800 to 2000 watts and with which one has approx. 20 square meters of floor space, then approx. 1-2 euro running electricity costs result per hour.

Since with both kinds of devices with a beautiful evening quite several euro operating cost result, one should make oneself conscious before switching on, which heating achievement one really needs. Because the heater does not always have to be fully switched on. Turn down as far as possible and save money, no matter if you heat with electricity or gas.

Buying an umbrella heater

Where to buy a patio heater?

The patio heater can be chewed in usual building markets and with large electrical dealers as well as the well sorted garden specialized market. In many Onlineshops and naturally with the well-known Onlinehndlern like Amazon are a large offer at different patio heaters.

Gives it patio heaters also electrically

An electrically operated patio heater is also called a radiant heater, which is operated by electricity and generates heat by means of infrared radiation. However, there is a significantly lower heat output here than with the gas patio heater. This is with only approx. 2.kW and in the comparison to it with the gas patio heater with approx. 11 kW. The efficiency with the radiation of warmth is generally smaller than with the burn of gas.

A great advantage of electric patio heaters is the fact that they can also be used indoors. The operation of gas-operated patio heaters is only permitted in outdoor areas, since exhaust gases that would otherwise be inhaled enter the air during the combustion of gas. These can be up to 3.5 kg of carbon dioxide per hour with a powerful 14 kW gas patio heater.

The height of the electric patio heater can usually be adjusted. This is not possible with the gas-powered patio heater, since the length of the gas hose is limited and the closure must be absolutely safe and tight.

Can you rent the umbrella heater?

Radiant heaters are also available on the rental market. This is especially true for radiant heaters that are only needed occasionally or seasonally for gastronomy. Also for events and celebrations, topping-out ceremonies or parties different patio heaters are to be found in the offer of the renting companies. However, it is usually not worth renting a small appliance for private use. The purchase of your own device is worthwhile.

How expensive is a patio heater?

Small patio heaters are already available on the market from approx. 100 euros. Small infrared emitters are also still under it. The more achievement one would like, the larger the surface which can be heated is, and the higher the requirement at the operating comfort is, the higher are also the acquisition costs. Commercial patio heaters with a high achievement cost however quite up to 1000 euro per equipment.

Is there patio heater also in small?

Depending on personal requirements, the patio heaters are also available in different sizes. The smallest radiant heaters are suitable for placing on the table and have a range of approx. 2-3 metres. They are operated with standard gas cylinders, which are not in the appliance but connected to it.

Installation and operation of a patio heater

What to consider when operating a patio heater?

A patio heater is usually built up in a few minutes. With commercial terraces radiant heaters a second helper should be present due to the height of approx. 2 meters. The construction units are to be assembled on the basis the assembly instructions of the manufacturer. If a German instruction is missing, then you turn directly to the manufacturers. Do not assemble the patio heater without the original instructions.

No flammable substances and materials in the immediate vicinity of the patio heater. This is to be considered with gas-operated patio heaters as well as with the patio heaters operated with electricity absolutely. The heat on the upper part, the mushroom, can become very high and quickly set fire to textiles or objects that are too close to the heat source in an unnoticed moment.

The patio heater must be aligned straight, because at an angle of inclination from approx. 20 degrees the anti-tilt device is automatically activated in the appliance. In principle, all heaters should stand on a level and dry floor. Carpet is not suitable here. However, tiles, parquet, laminate or screed are ideal.
After assembly, the heater must make a stable impression. The stability is an essential factor for the safe operation of the patio heater.

How much distance to the top is needed for the patio heater?

Most patio heaters are about 2 meters high and are operated outdoors. If, however, you want to use it in a party tent, you must add enough oxygen and there must be the possibility that the exhaust fumes can escape. Due to the high risk of fire, sufficient distance must be maintained upwards from the tent ceiling. This should be at least 2-3 meters, with devices with high achievement then even more.

How does a patio heater work?

Most patio heaters have a so-called mechanical piezo ignition, in which the piezoelectric effect is used. A suddenly high pressure is used to generate an electrical voltage for a very short time, which finally ignites the gas. The pressure is released mechanically by pressing a button on the patio heater. This shifts the positive with the negative charge centre and the dipole – the electrical voltage – is created.

The pressure is released by pressing a button with a spring in it. This spring causes a hammer or ram to strike the piezo crystal and the high discharge voltage is generated. The high discharge voltage is transmitted to the ignition electrode by means of a cable and causes the ignition spark to form. And this spark has such a high temperature that all technical gases can be ignited.

A particularly positive feature of this type of ignition is its high operational reliability and long service life. However, even at standstill a burning pilot flame is always required, which leads to unnecessary gas consumption.

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How hot do patio heaters get?

The temperature that can occur on a patio heater depends of course on the output, model and design. The ambient temperatures also depend on this. In general, however, it can be said that powerful patio heaters on the heating tube can develop a temperature of over 900 degrees Celsius. The ambient temperature outside heats up patio heaters to up to 120 degrees Celsius. This also explains the high risk of fire and burns that can be caused by a patio heater and should not be underestimated by the user.

Can you use a mushroom heater in your tent?

Basically, a patio heater is only intended for outdoor use. This is due to the toxins produced during the combustion of gas. In addition, the patio heater withdraws the oxygen from the room air during the combustion of the gas. Both lead with improper use to the circumstance known in the population as “quiet” death. The odourless and colourless gas carbon dioxide enters the room air unnoticed by the festival tent inhabitants and leads to fainting and then to death by suffocation.
However, there are possibilities to operate the gas-powered patio heater in a tent. For this the following things must be considered:
Towards the ceiling of the marquee at least 2-3 meters distance must be kept.
The regular supply of oxygen is very important. This may not happen in form of ventilation phases, but must be supplied over a constant opening. This is the only way to ensure that a) exhaust gases are extracted and b) oxygen is added.
Furthermore, in addition to this solution, a further opening is to be kept ready in which the exhaust gases can escape.
In principle, one can therefore hold that with strict adherence to the specifications, the patio heater can also be operated in festival tents. However, the risks involved must not be underestimated and the insurance aspects should not be disregarded.

In case of doubt, electrically operated patio heaters are also available. This puts the aspect of exhaust gases on the safe side. However, the safety distance must also be observed here, because there is a risk of burns with the appliances in general. Even if the heat development with the electric patio heaters is not quite as high as with the gas-operated patio heater.

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AmazonBasics Commercial Outdoor Patio Heater, Havana Bronze
  • Durable, powder-coated finish
  • Heat output of 46,000 BTU's
  • Piezo ignition
  • Safety auto shut-off tilt valve
  • Wheel assembly included
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BELLEZE 48,000BTU Premium Outdoor Patio Heater with Wheel LP Propane Heat CSA Certified, Hammered Bronze
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  • Simple Start-Up Piezo Ignition System -To operate, all it takes to light the heater is a simple push of the button thanks to its user-friendly, one-step, Piezo ignition system
  • 48,000 BTUs of Heat - The heavy-duty patio heater offers an impressive heat output of 48,000 BTUs. Mid-winter merry-making? No problem. Even more, the unit heats a wide area with a range of up to 15 feet in diameter. A nice alternative to a fire pit, the gas patio heater delivers quiet, soothing, consistent heat--with no smoke or open flames to worry about
  • Variable-heat control knob - Allows for low or high heat settings and for turning the heater completely off at the end of the night.
  • Wheels for Smooth Mobility- A wheel assembly with two smooth-rolling wheels comes included, making it easy to transport the outdoor heater from poolside to patio or from one side of the deck to the other; Heat Output: 48,000 BTU; Heat Range: 175 Sq/Ft (15' Radius) Certification: CSA Certified
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FDW Patio Tall Hammered Finish Garden Outdoor Heater Propane Standing LP Gas Steel w/Accessories, Bronze
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLY:All parts of the patio heater present, unit well packed and undamaged. All the holes lined up well, and the bolts all fit well, the outdoor heater is easy assembly, follow the starting directions and you will finished it less than hour. gas patio heater is sturdy if put together properly and looks great.Patio Heater outdoor heaters gas patio heater lp patio heater
  • PUT LOTS OF HEATER:The patio heaters high output is 41000BTU, use it out on the patio at night in the late fall/winter time, the outdoor puts out a lot of heat, its a suggestion that start out with the gas patio heat on high but usually turn it down after the area heats up, a tank of propane lasts a couple of weeks.outdoor heaters gas patio heater lp patio heater Patio Heater
  • MULTIPLE PLACE USAGE:The patio heater is perfect for the garden, you can use outdoor heater out on the patio at night, or in cold winter, you can see this kind of gas patio heater in the park, coffee table in the street, and you can also use the gas patio when you fishing, drinking with you friends or party.gas patio heater lp patio heater Patio Heater outdoor heaters
  • SAFTY: The patio heaters use 20 lbs LP Gas tank and which add weight to the Base of the gas patio heater providing much needed stability and safety during windy conditions, also you can fix the outdoor heater base on the deck by screws,The patio heater has Safety auto shut off tilt valve and Safety auto shut off when the gas run out. It is tall enough to be safe from hair lighting. lp patio heater Patio Heater outdoor heaters gas patio heater
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: The patio heater use high quality stainless steel of the heating element which isnt easy to melt/burn off, and the outdoor heater fire cant come through the grating and melted the rim, the gas patio heater has CSA certification, which can make sure the quality is excellent. Please pay attention that use the heater outside.outdoor heaters Patio Heater gas patio heater lp patio heater
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